Winter Is Coming: Make Sure Your Boiler Can Brave It Out

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The nights are indeed getting darker and a little colder, so what perfect time to get your boiler serviced, than before the frost really kicks in? There is nothing worse, than waiting until that awfully cold day to turn your heating on, only to find your boiler isn’t working properly.

Do I Really Need A Gas Boiler Service?

Boilers work hard to keep us warm and our water heated, so it’s imperative that they are well maintained, not only so that they continue to do their job, but also to ensure the safety of you and your family. Your boiler should be serviced annually, and for this, you need to find a good gas boiler service company. If you have your boiler serviced regularly, it can prevent it breaking down in the future, which is more economical in the long run; more importantly, however, it ensures the boiler is working safely.

What Credentials Should My Gas Boiler Professional Have?

Anyone working on a gas boiler is required by law, to be RGII certified. We recommend checking the credentials of any company or individual you enlist, for your safety and peace of mind. If you’re in rented accommodation, the landlord is legally required to organise the gas boiler service for you. Always check relevant paperwork that proves a boiler is legal before moving in to rented accommodation, and check paperwork once the service has been carried out.

What Happens During A Gas Boiler Service?

If you choose Gas Services Limited to carry out your boiler service, we will:

• Carry out a thorough check of internal parts, concentrating especially on those that are prone to wear and tear
• Clean the components and check the flue
• Ensure that the boiler is working exactly as it should be

Why Should I Choose Gas Services Limited?

Here at Gas Services Limited, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Your experience and what you think is important to us. We understand that letting somebody you don’t know in to your home can be invasive, so we do everything we can to make the experience as easy as possible for you. That’s why we:

• Give you an allotted time: Your time is precious and that’s why we won’t give you a vague am or pm slot. We’ll arrive at a given time, and if we’re more than half an hour late, we’ll give you €10!
• Always leave your premises clean and tidy
• Work quickly and professionally, without wasting time
• Have an 80% first-time fix rate for those boilers that do need repairing

So if you’re looking for a gas boiler service company that are friendly, professional and efficient with a fantastic customer service record, why not give us a call today?