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6 Reasons to choose Gas Services Ltd

Ok so you know that your gas boiler needs a service but you’ve been leaving it on the long finger as quite simply you don’t know who to trust to take care of it properly.

We understand that letting someone into your home to work on your boiler is a big deal. This is why we have identified 6 reasons to choose Gas Services Ltd to take care of your boiler service or repair:

  • Timekeeping – Have you ever tried to book a service engineer and been told that you can’t have a set appointment time slot? Crazy right? Well don’t worry we won’t do that to you. Gas services Ltd make a specific appointment slot and stick to it. You don’t need to book a day off work and be a prisoner in your home waiting for our engineer to call.

Read more about our unique ‘Be There On Time and Don’t Keep Me Hanging Around Guarantee’ here

  • First time fix rate is 80% – there is nothing more annoying than calling out a service engineer, waiting for them to show up, and then finding that they cannot fix the problem and have to come back another day.

Gas services Ltd aim to fix all issues with the first visit and 80% of the time we do just that. The reason we can do this is because we hold over €100,000 worth of gas boiler parts in stock. If we don’t have it you can pretty much be sure no other service engineer in Dublin has it either.

  • Registered professional personnel – A gas boiler in the wrong hands can be lethal. Don’t take chances with your family’s health and safety. Servicing Gas boilers and fires is the only thing we do and we have been doing it since 1985. It’s not a sideline we decided to get into
    to make some extra cash. All our engineers are RGII registered and thoroughly trained in gas boiler servicing. As well as being technically competent our engineers are polite and housetrained as well.
  • Small enough to care big enough to get the job done. Have you ever spent hours on hold to a faceless corporation listening to the voice telling you how important your call is to them only to be left hanging for another 20 minutes? Or at the other end of the spectrum you’ve called a service engineer only to be told ‘Daddy is out at the moment’.

Gas services Ltd have a fleet of 16 vans covering the whole of Dublin managed by 8 professional office staff spread across 2 offices, one in the north and one in the South of the city. We still appreciate all our customers and have the equipment, experience and know how to get the job done properly.

  • The majority of services are completed within 1 hour – This is because our service engineers are experienced and proficient. You won’t be left pulling your hair out while we drink endless cups of tea or disappear off for a smoke for 20 minutes. We do the job properly and then get out of your way.

  • 30 day labour callout fee and 12 months parts guarantee – when you’ve paid to have your boiler repaired you want to be sure that the parts used are guaranteed against defect. All the parts that Gas Services Ltd installs are covered by a 12 month warranty. In addition, if any further problems arise within 30 days of our initial visit you do not pay for a second callout.

As you can see we take gas boiler servicing and customer service seriously.

You can trust us to respect you and your home and to get the job done properly.

Ready to book your boiler service or repair?

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Who are Gas Services Ltd?

  • Gas Services have been in operation since 1985.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Specialists in gas boiler service and repair.

Do your neighbours need their boilers serviced as well?

  • If so contact us and we can give you a special group rate for servicing 3 or more homes in the same estate on the same day.