What to Expect from a Gas Boiler Service

Having a gas boiler service carried out every year is a vital part of ensuring your boiler’s longevity, as well as making sure it’s safe to use and working as economically as possible.

A gas boiler service isn’t always cheap.  However, there are many rogue companies out there who will draw in your business with low prices and carry out a substandard gas boiler service.  Even worse, there are companies that will charge you exactly the same as a legitimate company, but still fail to service your boiler correctly.

So how can you avoid falling prey to a dodgy gas boiler service?

Ask Around

If you’re organising a gas boiler service with a new company, ask around for recommendations.  Online reviews and website testimonials are useful but can also be faked – it’s best to talk to friends and family to find out what company they use to carry out their annual gas boiler service.

Be Realistic

If a company is offering a full gas boiler service for a very reduced rate in comparison to other companies, you would almost certainly be paying for a substandard service.  There isn’t too much variation in price between reputable companies. Some are better value than others, but if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Get Informed

You may not be qualified to carry out your own gas boiler service, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find out what a gas boiler service entails.  By knowing what you should expect, you will be able to see for yourself if your engineer is carrying out a shoddy gas boiler service.

A gas boiler service should take at least 40-45 minutes.  If the engineer takes 20 minutes, your gas boiler service wouldn’t have been carried out correctly.  The engineer should carry out the following safety checks:

  • Ensure the flue is working correctly
  • Ensure all safety devices are in working order, and haven’t been rendered inoperable
  • Check the supply of combustion air
  • Check the burner pressure of the appliance (if applicable)
  • Ensure the appliance is in an appropriate location within the home
  • Check the gas soundness of the appliance

In addition to the important safety checks listed above, a gas boiler service should also include the following:

  • Ensure that the appliance is working as it should do, as according to the manufacturers manual
  • Check the performance of the appliance to see if it is working to it’s specification
  • Thoroughly check appliance for signs of deterioration – particularly the flue, and any electrical apparatus
  • Check burner settings and the pressure, and adjust if necessary
  • Ensure that both flue venturi’s are free from debris
  • Check that the burner and heat exchanger are clean
  • Inspect all joints for signs of leaking, and repair where necessary
  • Analyse flue gases and make sure that they are as the appliance specification says they should be