What is Bord Gais?

Bord Gais Éireann (Irish Gas Board), usually known as Bord Gais, is the company responsible for the distribution of natural gas in Ireland.  In addition to being the main distributor of natural gas in Ireland, Bord Gais has also branched out into the energy supply business, providing both gas and electricity to one million homes and businesses across Ireland.

Bord Gais have achieved a lot in recent years, including:

  • Being the first entrant into the greater Belfast gas market
  • Lowering gas prices and maintaining them
  • Being named as having the best customer service in Britain and Ireland
  • Despite winters that were among the coldest on record, managed to provide an uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity to millions of homes and businesses.


Bord Gáis is a corporation owned by the Irish State, and owns one of the safest and most modern natural gas networks in the world.  Under the Bord Gais umbrella are the two ‘arms’ of the company, Bord Gais Network and Bord Gais Energy.


Bord Gais Networks

Bord Gáis Networks is responsible for 13,229km of gas pipelines across Ireland, as well as two sub-sea interconnectors that link Ireland with Scotland, where there is an on-shore system in operation.  Bord Gáis Networks also supply the Manx Electricity Authority in the Isle of Man via a spur-line.  Making up the remainder of the 13,229km of pipelines are the distribution and transmission lines across Ireland, the North-West Pipeline (Belfast-Derry), the Mayo-Galway pipeline and the South-North Pipeline (from Gormanston-Belfast).  On behalf of all other gas suppliers in Ireland, Bord Gáis Network is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of pipes and meters at the homes and businesses of customers, and provides a 24-hour emergency response service for anybody who suspects a gas leak.


Bord Gáis Energy

Bord Gáis Energy, based in Dublin, has only been a competitor in the energy market since 2009, but in that time has gained 540,000 gas customers and 460,000 electricity customers.  In addition to supplying energy to 1 million customers, Bord Gáis Energy also has a Home Services Team, which helps customers become more energy efficient.


Bord Gáis have also branched out in recent years and purchased SWS Natural Resources, a wind energy company, in 2009.  This was merged with Bord Gáis Investments, forming Bord Gáis Assets – the division of the company responsible for ensuring they will be able to meet the needs of their customers in the future.


What About Firmus Energy?

Firmus energy is a subsidiary of Bord Gáis, which operates in Northern Ireland.  After first securing the supply and distribution licences for several towns back in 2005, it is now responsible for supplying 90% of gas customers in those towns.  Firmus energy was created as part of the Bord Gáis initiative to develop the gas market in Northern Ireland.