Upgrading to a Condensing Boiler

What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler is a modern design of boiler that is more efficient than older non-condensing boilers.  As time goes on, the older boilers are becoming obsolete and more homes are benefiting from the lower heating bills and increased efficiency of a condensing boiler.

How does a condensing boiler work? And how does it differ from a traditional boiler?

All boilers work on the same principle.  A fuel is burned – oil or gas – creating heat.  This heat is then used to raise the temperature of the water in the central heating system.

The difference between a traditional boiler and a condensing boiler is that a condensing boiler is able to use heat that would have previously been lost in the combustion process.  A condensing boiler literally condenses the water vapour produced, extracting extra heat and therefore making the boiler more efficient.

How much more efficient is a condensing boiler?

On average, a condensing boiler is around 25% more efficient than it’s non-condensing counterpart.  This translates into big savings for the people who are paying the heating bill, as well as making a big difference to our carbon emissions.  Depending on the energy rating of your old boiler, by upgrading to a high-rated, high-efficiency condensing model you could save around €300 a year on your heating bill.

Is a condensing boiler safer than a non-condensing boiler?

In a word, yes.  Condensing boilers are modern and tend to break down less, and have better safety measures in place.  Condensing boilers are fully sealed and extract air from outside of the house, as opposed to non-condensing models that extract air from the room (running more risk of the boiler sucking in ‘foreign bodies’ that could cause a breakdown).

Will upgrading to a condensing boiler cost a fortune?

It certainly won’t be cheap.  Condensing boilers generally cost a couple of hundred euro’s more than the older models, but it is generally a worthwhile trade-off. With a condensing boiler you will have:
Increased reliability, which means fewer breakdowns and less money spent on repairs
Increased efficiency, meaning your home will cost less to heat and you’ll save a packet on your heating bills
Increased safety – nothing is more important than the health and safety of your nearest and dearest.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

When should I upgrade?

Although many people don’t think to do so, it can be a better idea to upgrade your boiler before it gives up the ghost.  Nobody wants to be left without heating and hot water, especially not when it might be cold or during a holiday when callout charges might be more expensive.

How can Gas Services LTD help?

Gas Services LTD offer boiler replacements at a very reasonable cost.  They aim to make your boiler upgrade as painless as possible by making sure that they recommend and supply a highly efficient boiler that will require as little changes as possible to your existing boiler pipework.