The Registered Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) was officially appointed by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) as the Gas Safety Supervisory Body (GSSB) for Ireland. According to the RGII web site the RGII is ‘responsible for the registering of gas installers and regulating their activities with respect to safety.’ The RGII assumed responsibility for these directives in 2008 and the official documentation was published in January 2010.

Only the RGII has the authority to register gas installers and there is extensive documentation detailing the work and objectives of the CER and the powers they have to prosecute those who are not registered. The RGII took over from the voluntary Bord Gais scheme completely in June 2009.

The RGII is funded by registered engineers or their employers who pay annual registration fees and also by the purchasing of various completion certificates. Individuals and companies can both register with the RGII but any individuals working for companies must themselves be registered at either full, trainee or provisional level.

Always be sure to use a RGII certified engineer. Gas Services Ltd engineers are all RGII certified.