Rental Property Gas Boiler Safety

Having your boiler annually serviced is imperative for anybody, but is doubly so if you’re a landlord with tenants. Landlords are legally responsible for rental property gas boiler safety and the law takes any negligence of these responsibilities very seriously. A gas boiler should be serviced once a year as standard, more if there are any concerns regarding its function.

Don’t sweat, however; just because getting your gas boiler serviced is the law, it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Who Can Service A Gas Boiler?

There are many tradesmen and plumbers out there who claim to be professional, but it’s imperative that you only choose a plumber who is RGII registered: This means that they are qualified to work safely and competently with gas boilers and other gas appliances. Always work with RGII qualified plumbers who have a good service history with plenty of good reviews, whether online or by word of mouth.

Why Choose GSL?

Here at Gas Services Limited, all of our plumbers are RGII registered, and as a company, we have over twenty years experience in the industry. Servicing gas boilers and fires is the only thing we do, so we’re very good at it and take the task of keeping people safe very seriously. We also work professionally, in a clean, efficient and courteous manner. Our first time fix rate is 80% and we also keep thousands of euros worth of stock, so if your boiler does need repairing, you won’t be left waiting around for parts.

As well as this, we always give you an appointment with a ‘real’ time slot, which means no waiting in all day for an engineer that might not show. And if we are ever more than half an hour late, we give you €10: Your opinion of us, matters.

What Happens During A Gas Boiler Service?

Once you have made an appointment with us, your GSL engineer will arrive at your property and:

  • Carry out a thorough check of the internal parts, paying extra attention to those that are prone to breakdown
  • Clean the components
  • Check the flue
  • Make sure that the boiler is running safely and efficiently: this includes checking for any future potential problems and dealing with them then and there

So don’t delay, if you’re a landlord concerned with rental property gas boiler safety, call or email us today, and book your professional gas boiler service!