Registered Gas Installer

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It is illegal in Ireland for a contractor to work on a gas appliance, carrying out installations, servicing or repairs, without being what’s known as a registered gas installer.

What is a Registered Gas Installer?

A registered gas installer – or RGI – is an individual who is legally able to carry out servicing and repairs on gas appliances in Ireland. To become a registered gas installer, the individual must be

qualified to a minimum level (holding a GID or equivalent), adequately insured and have paid an annual fee to the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII). This allows them to appear on the Register, and to carry a valid ID card to prove their competence.

How do I know if you’re a registered gas installer?

A registered gas installer will always carry a valid, dated ID card. Always check that the ID card is in date. If you are in any doubt that the registered gas installer ID card is invalid or fake, you can telephone the RGII to double check.

How do I find a registered gas installer?

There is a database on the RGII website where you can search for a registered gas installer. You can specify which area you wish to search in, and there are options regarding what services you need your registered gas installer to be able to provide. This database will provide you with a list of genuine registered gas installers.

Is every registered gas installer recommended by the RGII?

No. The RGII do not recommend or endorse any company or individual contractor – appearing on the RGI simply guarantees that the contractor has the knowledge and skills to carry out the work correctly, and that they are adequately insured to do so. The RGII cannot recommend an installer based on their customer service or their prices, and as such they recommend that you choose three or more installers to compare before choosing one.

Are Gas Services RGI registered?

Yes. Each and every one of our engineers are fully trained and qualified, and registered with the RGI for your safety and peace of mind. We take your family’s safety very seriously, and we don’t believe in cutting corners to make a quick buck. A gas boiler can be a dangerous piece of equipment, and anybody who tinkers with one without the right qualifications and insurance could be putting you at risk.

There is a reason why it’s illegal to use anybody other than a currently registered gas installer to carry out your gas appliance services, repairs and installations. Call Gas Services today and rest assured in the knowledge that your gas appliances – and your family’s safety – are in good hands.

We know that gas boiler repairs and servicing can be expensive, and for this reason we keep our prices down, offering incredibly competitive rates and a fantastic service.