Radiator Flush Service

heatingAt Gas Services, we are committed to providing an excellent service for an excellent price.  Unlike many other companies, we are wholly dedicated to the service and repair of gas appliances, and the maintenance of central heating systems.  It is all we do, and we are among the best in the country.

From our offices in the north and south of Dublin, we manage a team of dedicated, highly qualified, professional gas boiler engineers who are registered with the RGII for your safety and peace of mind.

As well as providing gas boiler servicing and repairs, we now offer a radiator flush service to keep your central heating working at its optimum.

What is our radiator flush service?

Gas central heating is generally very low maintenance, however you might sometimes find that your central heating system isn’t working like it should.  The radiators may be hot at the top but cold at the bottom, or they may not be heating up properly at all.  If this is the case, you may have a build up of sludge inside your radiators and heating system.

Radiator sludge, caused by corrosion within the radiators, prevents the water inside from circulating properly.  This causes the radiators to work inefficiently (or not at all), and wastes a great deal of fuel and money.  In the long term, a build up of sludge in the radiators can also cause boiler breakdowns which are inconvenient and sometimes expensive.

Our radiator flush service ‘deep cleans’ your central heating system, removing the sludge and ensuring that your radiators heat up your home at their maximum efficiency – as well as possibly increasing the longevity of your boiler.

How does our radiator flush service work?

Although it is possible to carry out a simple radiator flush at home, this can be messy and time consuming – plus it can only deal with the sludge in the radiators, not in the rest of the system.  In order to clean out the entire central heating system, a professional power flush is needed.

In order to carry out our radiator flush service, one of our engineers will attach a flushing unit to your central heating system.  This will force clean, fresh water (with added chemicals to break down hard deposits and to help prevent future corrosion) into the system, removing the sludge as it powers through.

Why should I consider the radiator flush service?

If your radiators aren’t heating up properly, you will be wasting money.  You might be tempted to put off having your radiators flushed if your radiators are still kicking out heat – however, it will cost you much more to heat your home and the sludge could cause expensive problems later on.  Even if you don’t think the problem is too bad, it’s worth dealing with it before it gets worse.

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