Why Do I Need a Gas Boiler Service?


If you have a gas boiler in your home, then for safety you should have a gas boiler service once a year.


A gas boiler in the home can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Having a boiler service once a year ensures that the gas burns correctly and it reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning – which can be fatal.

Other Benefits to Getting a Boiler Service

Of course safety is the number one priority but another thing to know is that a serviced gas boiler will actually increase the efficiency of your boiler, thus reducing your heating bills.

Having Your Boiler Service Needn’t be a Hassle

If hanging around all day waiting for the service person to call sounds like a nightmare then you’ll be happy to know that we agree with you!

At gas services we understand that you have a busy life to lead and don’t have time to wait around. So with us you just book a slot that suits you and we will show up on time. Punctuality is very important to us.

To find out more check out our time keeping guarantee.

Make Sure You Choose A Registered Gas Installer

It’s important that your boiler service is carried out by an RGII registered installer. The RGII is responsible for the registering of gas installers and regulating their activities with respect to safety. By law anyone carrying out a gas boiler service must be RGII registered. Make sure you choose a company who are. Always ask before you book in for your service.

At gas services, gas boiler services are our main business, this is not just a side line of work we got into. We are experts in our field and offer the best service at competitive rates. Your safety is our priority we are RGII registered and know exactly what they are doing with your gas boiler. No compromise on safety.

For a full list of registered gas installers visit http://www.rgii.ie/

We hope this has given you a little more insight on why you need a boiler service in the first place. If your boiler is in need of a service and you would like a professional service, please call us on:

North Side Office: 01 840 9425

South Side Office: 01 490 1066

Or, if you prefer you can Text GAS and your name to 51444 and one of our lovely team will call you.