How to Maintain Gas Boiler

maint ain gas boiler

It is surprisingly easy to maintain gas boiler, and there is very little that you need to do to make sure that your boiler is running safely, economically and reliably!

Keep it running!

The most common time for gas boilers to break down is as the summer draws to a close. Thanks to the warmer weather, they have had minimal use over the summer months, then when the colder autumn air moves in, the boilers kick the bucket.

Some gas boiler components need to stay in action in order to stop them from seizing up and causing a breakdown. For this reason, we recommend that you switch your central heating on a

few times a week to keep things ticking over and help maintain gas boiler. This is also worth thinking about if you go away on a long holiday – set the timer on your boiler so that it comes on once a day for a short while to prevent any nasty surprises when you get home!

Get it serviced!

Regular boiler servicing is hugely important. To maintain gas boiler, you need to take care of it like you would a car. Your car will run better and more economically, give you a smoother ride, and live for longer if you have it serviced regularly – and it will be safer. All of this is true of your gas boiler, too.

• Boilers that aren’t serviced annually generally don’t kick out as much heat for your money as properly­ maintained ones do, so forking out a relatively small amount once a year for a once ­over will save you a fortune in the long run.

• The regular cleaning and tweaking of your gas boiler will help prolong its lifetime and prevent costly repairs and breakdowns later on. Emergency call ­outs are not cheap, and it could be argued that reducing the risk of having to deal with the nightmare of going without heat or hot water is priceless…

• Gas boilers are generally very safe, however if they’re not properly looked after they run the risk of turning your home into a deathtrap. Carbon monoxide poisoning, lethal gas leaks and explosions are all consequences of boilers that aren’t properly maintained or repaired. This is why it’s so important to make sure that the person installing, servicing and repairing your boiler knows what they are doing. By law, all gas installers in Ireland must be RGII registered – this ensures that they have completed the relevant training and earned the necessary qualifications to carry out gas works to a safe and acceptable standard.

However, RGII registration doesn’t guarantee a good service. To ensure that you not only get a high standard of workmanship to help maintain gas boiler, but also excellent customer service and great value rates, call Gas Services today for a no obligation estimate.