Is it Time to Replace your Gas Boiler?

Something that most homeowners will have to consider at some stage is whether or not it’s time to replace their gas boiler.

But my boiler isn’t broken. Why should I be thinking about replacing it?

A fatal breakdown is one reason to replace your gas boiler – however, you may find that at your annual gas boiler service, your engineer suggests that a replacement is the most economically viable option.

The temptation is to immediately cast such a suggestion aside as a covert means to make a quick buck, and of course there are some unscrupulous boiler repair companies who will do this. However, there are some valid reasons for an engineer to suggest that you replace your gas boiler.

  • Frequent breakdowns – if your gas boiler is breaking down on a regular basis, it may be an indication that it is coming to the end of its life span.  If this is the case, it is almost certainly more economical to replace your gas boiler rather than continue to pay for expensive repairs and emergency callouts.
  • Very old boiler – If your boiler is getting old, it will not only be more prone to breakdowns, but it will be far less energy efficient than a newer boiler.  Replacing your very old boiler will save you money on your heating bills and help you make a positive contribution to the fight against climate change.
  • Obsolete parts – again, if your boiler is an older model, it may be difficult, or even impossible, to source parts for repairs.


How do I know if I’m being taken for a ride?

The only way to ensure that the suggestion to replace your gas boiler is genuine is to use a reputable boiler service and repair company.

  • Get a second opinion – if you’re not sure if your engineer is on the right track, seek a second opinion. This will cost more, of course, but if your concerns are genuine it will pay off.
  • Ensure that the company you choose is on the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII). Gas companies and individual contractors on the register must have a certain level of competency, meaning that they are capable of safely servicing, repairing and replacing gas boilers.
  • Registration on the RGII does not guarantee that the company will be reputable regarding the way the business is run.  This is where you need to talk to people you know, look at online reviews (although be aware that these aren’t always accurate – read plenty of them to make sure you’re not reading a review written by somebody at the company) and shop around.  It may be tempting to go for the cheapest option but the phrase “too good to be true” is worth remembering.

Gas Services Ltd is a well known, reputable company with plenty of satisfied, returning customers – these are the traits you should be looking for when finding a company to replace your gas boiler.