How to Increase your Boilers’ Lifespan

If you have recently had a new boiler installed, you may be wondering how you can make sure that your boiler ‘lives’ for as long as possible. Gas boilers aren’t cheap to replace, so you’ll want to do all you can to keep it going for as long as possible.  Average boiler lifespan varies depending on the make, model, availability of parts and many other factors, but as a general guide it is accepted that the lifespan of a modern gas boiler is around 10-15 years.

So how can you make sure that your boiler goes the distance?

Don’t Skimp on your Annual Boiler Maintenance Service

An annual boiler maintenance service will go a long way to ensuring your boiler will have a long and healthy life.  Much like servicing a car, a regular boiler maintenance service will keep your boiler running smoothly, saving you money and keeping it going for longer.  Without the ongoing care that an annual boiler maintenance service provides, breakdowns are more common and inevitably you will end up having to replace your boiler far before it would have given up the ghost if taken care of.  Be sure to choose a reputable company, such as Gas Services LTD, to carry out your annual boiler maintenance service. Don’t think of it as wasted money – think of it as an investment.

Use the Heating Regularly

Keeping your boiler running regularly is important to making sure it continues to work as it should.  Although we all look forward to those warm summer months where we don’t have to switch our heating on at all, it pays off to make a point of doing so anyway at regular intervals. Grit can build up over time in the boiler pump if it isn’t used regularly, causing the boiler to break down when used again.   Consequently, autumn is the most common time of year for boiler breakdowns to happen, due to heating being switched back on after a period of little to no activity whatsoever.  To keep your boiler running, switch the heating on at least once a month for a little while.

Don’t Attempt Repairs

It almost goes without saying that you should never attempt to repair your boiler by yourself – unless you’re a trained, registered gas boiler engineer, of course! If you suspect there is something going on with your boiler, you should switch off the gas and call an expert as soon as possible.  Gas boilers in the wrong hands are dangerous – fiddling with it yourself certainly won’t help improve its lifespan, and may cause a rather nasty accident!

When The Time Comes….

When it is time to lay the old boiler to rest and replace it with a new one, Gas Services LTD can make the experience as cheap – and hassle free – as possible.  When you request a no-obligation quote for a new boiler from Gas Services LTD, we will help you find a model that is as cost-effective as possible to install.