When to get a boiler repair and when to get a new one…

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When to get a boiler repair and when to get a new one…

When something goes wrong with the boiler, we are faced with the question whether

to get it repaired or simply buy a new one. It’s difficult to judge sometimes so here

are a few things for you to consider along with some basic faults that are easily fixed;

1. Boiler insurance

If you’ve got boiler insurance, it’s likely it covers both the repair and a possible

replacement of the unit. The price can vary, and it’s possible to get it insured for as

little as £80 on a yearly basis. This obviously very simple, but you do have to pay


2. Repair cost

To look at it in a basic sense, it makes sense to invest in a new boiler when the cost

of repairing the old one is the same or even higher than buying a new one. In order to

determine this you’ll need an expert’s opinion first.

3. Heating control faults

Before assuming your boiler has had it, check out other options that may be causing

the fault. For example, the old one might have lost the ability to control the amount of

heating. In some cases, all you need is a new set of controls or other small electrical

component and you are back in business.

4. ‘Dry cycle’ function

Similarly, you might consider buying a new boiler right off the bat if your old one has

a ‘dry cycle’ function. What it does is rather simple. When the temperature of your

home has already reached the chosen level, the boiler won’t shut off. Instead, it will

redirect the energy to the ‘overflow’ radiator that’s usually located in the bathroom.

Essentially, you’d be heating your home when you don’t even want to in the first

place, and rack up the monthly costs because of it. Some of the older boilers have this

function, and it’s recommended to replace it right away if yours does too.

5. Pilot light switch

Your boilers should have the pilot light switch on. If you look through the front

window of your boiler, you will see a flame through it. Sometimes the pilot light can

go out, which in turn will stop your boiler firing up, giving the impression the whole

boiler needs replacing

6. Energy efficiency

There are other things you need to look out for in terms of energy efficiency. Older

boilers usually aren’t that energy efficient, and having them replaced by newer ones

often leads to monthly savings. In case you don’t know if you have an older boiler or

not, a good thing to check out is where it’s located. If it’s on the floor instead of the

wall, it’s likely an older model, in which case you should consider replacing it with a

new one.

Another way to verify the energy efficiency of your boiler is to check out its energy

efficiency rating. If it’s G-rated (or even not rated at all), it’s going to be poor on

energy efficiency.

So, these are only a couple of things to consider when deciding whether to buy a new

boiler or not. First you need to know if it can repaired, or is even worth it. Other signs

show you’ll be better of with new one. You also need to consider how long you’re

going to stay at your current place and whether you’re going to sell it in the near

future. If so, do know that replacing the old boiler with a new one will increase the

value of your home.