Gas Installation

Since June 2009, gas installation in Ireland has to be carried out by an installer who is registered with the Register of Gas Installers Ireland (RGII).  When arranging for gas installation at your property where a new meter is required you are obliged to obtain a certificate of conformance from a Registered Gas Installer before any meter can be installed. The installer must also confirm that all the pipe work on the property is in good working order and the system is safe.  It can take around ten days for gas installation to be completed as there are various stages to be completed.

It can take up to three days for the meter to be installed. If there have been any changes to the exterior of your property then it will have to be reinstated which can take up to five days. The installation itself can take up to another three days depending on the scale of the job.
Due to the competitive nature of gas supply business it is advisable to shop around to find the best price for gas installation and package for your specific needs.

Which Gas Installation Company Should I choose?

Gas installation companies offering varying levels of service. In order to ensure that you pick a reputable gas installer we recommend you have a look at the RGII website. Gas services Ltd have one of the largest numbers of registered gas installers of any gas installation company in Dublin. Choosing a smaller gas installation company can be a bit of a risk as if they happen to be busy then you will not get the level of service that you require.