Gas Installation – Get The Facts!



Did you know it is a legal requirement that all gas installation works are carried out by a Registered Gas Installer?

The RGII is the supervisory body responsible for the registering and regulation of gas installers in Ireland. Anyone working in the field of gas installation must be registered with the RGII.

Since 2006 the RGII have made considerable efforts to cut out the rogue traders and ensure that gas installers are fully trained and that your gas boiler is in the best possible hands.

If you are looking for a gas installation company, make sure that they are RGII registered.

 Why use a Registered Gas Installer? 

There are several reasons to choose a Registered Gas Installer.


The first and most compelling reason is safety. A registered gas installer has the safety qualifications to carry out gas work in your home. There is no point getting your boiler fixed or serviced by someone who isn’t registered. Not only will you be putting your safety at risk. You are also wasting money.


It’s the law. By law only a registered gas installer can work on domestic natural gas installations. Registered Gas Installers carry an ID card. If in doubt, always ask.


A registered installer will be fully insured and will provide you with a conformance certificate once the work is carried out.

We are RGII Registered

At Gas Services we are proud to say that we are fully RGII registered. When you choose us you can rest assured that your gas installation is in safe hands.

We have been doing this since 1985. It’s not just a sideline we got into. All are engineers are technically competent and fully trained.

We Put You First

If we say we are going to be somewhere at a particular time – we do our upmost to be there. Time keeping is particularly important to us. We know you don’t want to have to book a day off work and wait around all day for an engineer to call. We offer a unique timekeeping guarantee.

For safety, qualified engineers and a fantastic service – Choose Gas Services.