Gas Heating Experts



Your boiler service might not be the most exciting thing you plan each year, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Regular gas boiler servicing ensures the continued safety and economical running of your boiler; just like your car, it needs to be kept in good shape so you can get the most out of it!

When it comes to finding gas heating experts, you need to pick someone who will get the job done right – so how do you know who are gas heating experts, and who aren’t?

Gas heating experts should be competent

The most obvious, and the most important point to make is that gas heating experts should be trained, qualified and competent. It is illegal to work on a gas boiler without being registered with the RGII, and this requires a basic standard of workmanship and safe practice . You can rest assured that all of our gas service engineers at Gas Services not only meet, but exceed this standard; your boiler (and your home) is safe in their hands.

Reliability – a huge part of competence as a company – is important, which is why we have a high first­ time fix rate of 80%. There is little more annoying than calling a gas service engineer out to fix your broken boiler and finding out you have to wait days to get back up and running. We hold thousands of euros worth of parts in stock at all times – so if we don’t have the part you need, it’s unlikely that anybody else will have it, either.

Gas heating experts should be ‘house trained’

Although working competently and safely are the most important things, they certainly aren’t the only important things. When you let an engineer into your home you should expect them to treat it with respect – no stomping muddy footprints all over your carpet, hanging around longer than necessary, or leaving your home in a mess. Gas heating experts should be polite, friendly, work efficiently, and get out of your hair when they are finished! We pride ourselves on the conduct of our engineers and we are confident that you will always receive the kind of service you would expect.

Gas heating experts should provide good customer service

We know how frustrating it is when dealing with a company who just don’t seem to care about you at all. We treat our customers with respect, and we always try to make life as easy as possible for you. An example of this would be our timekeeping guarantee; many companies will only offer you a morning or afternoon slot, meaning you have to take time off work and hang around all day,
wondering when they will show up. Gas Services will offer you a specific appointment slot and we will be there on time – and if we are more than half an hour late, we will give you €10.

For gas heating experts that tick all of the boxes, call Gas Services today.