Is Your Gas Fitter Legal?

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Gas central heating is economical, practical and very safe – when in the right hands.  However, gas appliances should never be serviced, repaired or otherwise tinkered with by anybody who isn’t legally qualified and registered to do the job.

Unfortunately there are many cowboys out there who will happily take your money without a second thought to your safety or that of your family.  A gas boiler in the wrong hands can be lethal, and many people don’t realise there’s a problem until its too late.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal, and is very difficult to diagnose before serious damage is done.  If you use gas appliances in your home, you should always have at least one carbon monoxide alarm installed.  Even gas appliances that have been serviced and repaired by professionals can develop problems. Although this is rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, when it’s time for your annual gas appliance service – or your boiler has broken down – you’ll need to make sure you hire a competent gas fitter to carry out the work.

What is RGII?

The Register of Gas Installers of Ireland is an organisation created so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your gas fitter knows what they are doing.  Being an RGI – a Registered Gas Installer – isn’t a guarantee that your chosen gas fitter will provide excellent customer service or competitive prices, but it does ensure that they have the knowledge and skills needed to carry out the job safely and competently.

My friend recommended a gas fitter, does that mean they’re okay to use?

Not necessarily.  Although word-of-mouth recommendations are highly useful (and can give you a good idea of the customer service you might expect from a particular gas fitter), there are many people who have unfortunately found themselves unwitting victims of a gas fitting cowboy because they assumed they could be trusted.  Regardless of who recommended the gas fitter to you, you should always ask them yourself if they are an RGI – and if they are, request to see their card. You can always check their credentials by calling the RGII. A legitimate gas fitter won’t take offence, and won’t mind you checking. After all, your family’s safety is in their hands.

Why should I call Gas Services?

If you call Gas Services when you need a gas fitter, you can be certain that your engineer will be an RGI, trained and qualified to a high standard, and fully competent to repair and service your gas appliances.  Your safety and that of your family is obviously of paramount importance; however at Gas Services we place equal weight on our customer service and courtesy.  All of our gas fitters are ‘house trained’ and we will always endeavour to complete your job as soon as possible, at a time that’s convenient to you, and to the absolute highest standard.