Gas Boilers in Ireland: When to Replace – And What With

Replacing functioning gas boilers may seem like an expensive and unnecessary task.  Some people find themselves being encouraged to replace their boiler by their gas boiler engineer, despite the boiler still working, leading them to believe that their engineer is simply trying to get more money out of them.

However, replacing your gas boiler before it stops working can work out to be more financially viable than waiting until it finally dies.

What’s wrong with an old boiler?
Gas boilers can have a lifespan of over 20 years, but after about 15 years their efficiency generally would have dropped significantly.  An older boiler would only have been operating at around 80% efficiency when it was brand new, and this figure will almost certainly have dropped to less than 70% after 15 years.  

As gas boiler technology has improved, Ireland residents can replace their old boilers with new ones that function at much higher levels of efficiency, saving you large amounts on your heating bills – up to 25% or more in some cases!  Additionally, newer boilers are more reliable and safer than older ones, allowing you more peace of mind.

When should I replace my gas boiler?
Replacing gas boilers in Ireland costs more in winter, when gas boiler engineers are busier and more boilers are breaking down due to being used more frequently.  If you have an old gas boiler and are thinking of replacing it, it’s better to do so in the ‘off peak’ summer months.  Not only will it be cheaper, but also it’ll be easier to arrange dates and times that suit you.  You should almost certainly replace your boiler before it breaks down, to save you having to cope for any length of time without heating or hot water.

What should I replace my gas boiler with?

Combi Boilers
Combi boilers are common in Ireland, and are what many homeowners will already have.  Combi boilers are one step up from the conventional Irish arrangement of having separate units for heating the radiators and the hot water.  Combi boilers heat both in one unit, and ensure that an unlimited amount of hot water is readily available whenever it is needed.

Condensing Boilers
Where possible, you should consider replacing your gas boiler with a condensing boiler.  They use less fuel and are cheaper to run than combi boilers.  Condensing boilers work by condensing the water vapour produced in the heating process, harnessing the extra heat within that would have ordinarily been lost.

Who can install my new boiler?
A gas boiler installation in the wrong hands can be at best very expensive, and at worst, downright dangerous.  Choose an experienced and highly qualified engineer, such as the engineers employed by Dublin-based Gas Services LTD, to help you choose your new boiler and to install it.