Gas Boiler Services in Dublin

There are many companies to choose from to service or repair your gas boiler in Dublin; so many in fact that homeowners may feel a little daunted when setting out to find one they can trust.

Gas boiler servicing in dublin

At present, there is no legally required standard when it comes to gas boiler services in Dublin.  For this reason, it is important to choose a company that will do a thorough job.  By law, Dublin gas engineers must be RGII registered – so you can be as sure as you can be of their competence – but you may find that some companies will cut corners during a gas boiler service and safety check in order to drive their prices down and therefore beat the competition.

A gas boiler service should take around an hour to complete, and should include the following:

  • Visual checks – possible damage, suitability of location and boiler operation
  • Check flue for safety and effectiveness
  • Check main components for safety and efficiency, cleaning and/or replacing where necessary
  • Ensure all safety devices are working correctly
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Inspect pipework & electrical wiring
  • Check boiler pressure and adjust where necessary
  • Ensure thermostat is in correct working order

Gas boiler replacement in Dublin

Sometimes it makes more economic sense to replace an old boiler with a new one before the boiler gives up the ghost.  Older boilers work less efficiently than newer ones, therefore replacing them is essentially saving you money in the long run.  Additionally, replacing the boiler before it breaks down will minimise the amount of time you’ll be without heating and hot water – and, as your boiler will almost inevitably take its last few breaths on the weekend or during a public holiday, planning ahead rids you of the element of surprise!

Why Gas Services LTD is the clear choice

Gas Services LTD is a Dublin-based company that focus solely on gas boiler repair, servicing, replacement and central heating systems in general.  There are many gas boiler companies in Dublin, but few offer the same peace of mind.

Gas Services LTD are a company dedicated to the servicing and repair of gas boilers.  Unlike many other Dublin companies who got into boiler servicing as a profitable sideline, gas boiler service and repair is Gas Services LTD’s only focus.

Gas Services LTD offers unique guarantees relating to timekeeping, which can be very helpful when trying to fit gas boiler servicing or repairs into a busy lifestyle.  Whereas many companies will leave you waiting all day, Gas Services LTD will provide a specific time slot.  Furthermore, if their engineer is late, you’ll receive a discount on the service provided by way of an apology.

Additionally, Gas Services LTD know how much of a nuisance it is to wait around for a repair or service, only to be told that your boiler needs a replacement part and you have to arrange yet another appointment.  To help prevent unnecessary inconvenience, Gas Services LTD hold an incredibly large variation of parts in stock, so that around 80% of repairs can be completed on the same day.