Gas Boiler Service: What’s Involved?

It is very important to arrange a gas boiler service annually to ensure that your gas boiler is working safely and efficiently.  A gas boiler that isn’t working efficiently will waste a small fortune on heating bills, and if it has a fault it could be unsafe for use.


Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas, which causes illness and in serious cases can cause death if leaked into the home and inhaled by its inhabitants.  Many victims of carbon monoxide poisoning suffer from symptoms for a long time before the problem is diagnosed.  There are many carbon monoxide detectors available on the market, and it is recommended to have them fitted in the appropriate places but as with everything of this nature, prevention is better than cure.


For this reason, it is strongly recommended never to miss an annual gas boiler service.  Gas boiler servicing is an important preventative measure and should be treated as a priority.  Some homeowners think that it’s cheaper to fix problems as they occur, and like cars, boilers can often run for years without servicing. However, their life span will be reduced and they could be unsafe.  Ensuring your boiler has an annual service is therefore a worthwhile investment, for your health as well as your finances.


Many gas companies provide gas boiler servicing at astonishingly cheap rates, but it’s important to make sure that they’re providing a full service. So what should a gas boiler service actually entail?


During a gas boiler service, the technician should:


  • Perform a visual check of the flue ways and terminal
  • Check the operating pressure
  • Reset operating pressure if required
  • Check both gas and water seals
  • Check the boiler’s safety devices
  • Perform a visual check of, and clean, the heat exchanger
  • Check disturbed gas connection
  • Clean the burner
  • Clean the pilot light
  • Where applicable, clean and lubricate the fan
  • Clean ignition components, and adjust when necessary
  • Verify the gas pressure and heat input
  • In the case of open flued boilers, check for spillage
  • Perform a full operational check of the boiler and provide advice on how to use it more efficiently if necessary
  • Provide you with the necessary paperwork for your records, and advise on any repairs that need to be carried out.


The price of a gas boiler service does not usually include the cost of any repairs, although your gas technician may be able to carry out simple repairs at the same time as the service if they have the required parts to hand.  Your technician should advise you on any repairs that need to be carried out, and will likely arrange another appointment to complete them.  Of course, it may become apparent that making the necessary repairs and replacements isn’t cost effective, in which case your technician may well recommend a replacement boiler.