Your Gas Boiler Service – It’s That Time Again!

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More than a few homeowners believe that a gas boiler service is one of those household expenses that can be skimped on – however, this couldn’t be further than the truth. There are many jobs we often leave until ‘last’ – fixing that persistently dripping bathroom tap, or replacing the shabby hallway carpet – but a gas boiler service should not be one of them.


A fully­functioning, well­maintained gas boiler is one of the safest ways to heat your water and your home. However, in the wrong hands – or when neglected – it can easily become dangerous.

A yearly gas boiler service can bring problems to light, as well as detecting any developing issues.

Carbon monoxide kills. Skimping on your gas boiler service could compromise the safety of your boiler, and the safety of everybody in your home. For this reason, it’s required by law that landlords have any gas appliances in their tenants homes serviced and safety checked annually.


You might want to skip your gas boiler service because you’d like to save money. In today’s financial climate this is a valid concern. However, you should try to bear in mind that a poorly – maintained boiler is less economical than one that’s been well looked after. A boiler that isn’t working at its best will become a hole in your pocket, costing more to run over the course of its lifespan than it would had it had its regular health check. Plus, if you’re conscientious about your carbon footprint, you certainly wouldn’t want your boiler running wastefully. An easy way to offset the financial strain of a gas boiler service is to save a little each week as the year goes on – it won’t take long to raise enough. Gas Services offer some of the best rates in the business, so you know you’re getting a good deal with us.


Sadly, gas boilers don’t live forever. One day you will be saying a tearful goodbye to your old boiler and replacing it with a shiny new one – and that day will be an expensive day indeed. Boilers that are serviced regularly live longer, just like cars.


All through the summer, our gas boilers become an afterthought. We are warm and cosy with our radiators off. Now, as winter approaches and we remember just how lovely it is to have central heating, we need to make sure our boilers are ready for the coming months. The best time to book a gas boiler service is at the end of summer, so any problems are found and dealt with before you find yourself wrapped in blankets, boiling pans of water on the hob to wash with, and cursing the expensive emergency call­out fees under your breath.

It’s the perfect time to arrange a gas boiler service with us. We do the job right, and at an excellent price. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter – book a gas boiler service with us today.