The Benefits of Getting A Gas Boiler Service

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The benefits of getting a gas boiler service.

You have been enjoying the nice warmth at home, gallons of hot water, and cooking using gas, since you purchased the new gas boiler. It has served you well, and frankly  you don’t see why you need to service it. Well, you could soon be thrust out of your comfort zone, as it could breakdown. Depending on the damage, you may even have to replace it. Worse still, you could suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Let’s delve into more benefits of getting a gas boiler service:

 1. You will spend less on energy bills 

– Servicing increases efficiency thus less gas is used

When you begin using your gas boiler, it begins losing its efficiency, thanks to the effects of combustion, as well as wear and tear that affects the air to fuel combustion ratio. The boiler will need more gas to generate enough energy to keep your home warm, heat water, or cook. Servicing the boiler involves adjusting, which restores the optimum conditions required for combustion. This increases your boiler’s efficiency, restoring the initial use of the amount of gas, which results in less expenditure on energy bills.

 2. You will be safer in your home

– Malfunctioning boiler

– Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

A malfunctioning boiler puts you and your family at a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your boiler’s ventilation gets blocked, some parts gets damaged- though you can’t see the damage, or if the unit is no longer burning properly, you could easily suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

 3. You will spend less on repairs

If you service your boiler regularly, you are less likely to spend much on repairs. This is because servicing ensures that your unit works in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. The boiler will also serve you longer without having to replace it.

How often should you have your gas boiler serviced?

Now that you know why you should service your gas boiler, the SEAI- the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, recommends an annual servicing.

 Signs that your boiler needs emergency servicing

Apart from this yearly servicing, if you see any of the following signs, you will need to hire the services of a registered gas installer immediately:

– The gas appliance burns with a yellow rather than blue flame

– The pilot light has been going out a lot of times

– If you notice black stains on gas appliances

– There is more condensation in the room

Whenever you need to service your boiler, just call Gas Services Ltd. The servicing will be done within an hour. You will not have to wait for long since we have two offices in Dublin, covering the Northside and the Southside. We have been in this field for about three decades, so you can be assured of our professionalism.

You now know all the benefits there are to servicing your gas boiler, from saving on energy costs as well as repair and replacement costs, to maintaining your own safety.

Why wait till it’s too late? Just call us and we will be on our way.