Gas Boiler Replacement

Gas boiler replacement is something that most homeowners will have to arrange at some stage.

From a technical point of view, gas boilers can have a lifespan of 30 years or even more, if they are serviced regularly and kept in good order, but there are situations in which it may make more sense to replace an old boiler before it breaks down for good.

Some unscrupulous companies may recommend gas boiler replacement when it isn’t actually necessary, using scare tactics to convince homeowners that they could be without heating and hot water for a while before a replacement could be arranged due to a breakdown, or worse, that their family’s health is at risk from a supposedly unsafe piece of equipment.

Thankfully, these rogue companies can usually be easily avoided by researching potential gas boiler replacement companies online, through forums and official recommendations.  It is also worth educating yourself on why a reputable boiler technician might recommend gas boiler replacement if your boiler is still functioning.

Obsolete parts

As we’ve already stated, gas boilers can have a lifespan of up to and beyond 30 years.  Therefore it makes sense that, over time, the replacement parts needed for these older models may become obsolete.  If you have an older gas boiler that is still in good working order, your boiler technician still may recommend replacing it to eliminate the risk of a breakdown happening at an inconvenient time, possibly leaving you without heating and hot water for an extended period of time.  Certain boiler parts do wear out over time, which is another reason for regular gas boiler servicing – you can stay one step ahead, knowing what could be around the corner.

Repairs not making economic sense

If your boiler persistently breaks down, or an expensive repair is needed on an old model that is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may make more sense economically to replace the older model with a new one.  A brand new boiler could even end up costing less than the repair itself.  This is definitely a situation in which you would want the advice of a reputable gas boiler company.

Fuel efficiency

Newer gas boilers do tend to be more fuel efficient, which is better for the environment as well as for your bank balance.  Older boilers were designed in the days of plentiful natural gas, and in a time where the world was not concerned about pollution – therefore they tend to use more gas, and produce more CO2.  It may be that a new boiler will save a substantial amount of money on your gas bills over time.

So, as we can see, there are many legitimate reasons why a technician might recommend a gas boiler replacement.  If you are not sure, seek a second opinion from another reputable company, and do your own research.