Gas Boiler Replacement

We’ll always do our utmost here at Gas Services Ltd to fix your boiler quickly and efficiently at a manageable cost to you, but there may be times where it’s more economical to replace your boiler. If your boiler has completely given up the ghost, will cost more to repair than replace or is proving uneconomical in terms its age and your energy bills, then we’ll replace it with a new model.

Reap the Benefits

Here are the benefits of arranging a gas boiler replacement in your home:
1. The Energy Saving Trust (UK) estimates that a central heating boiler is responsible for 60% of energy use in a standard home. That’s a whopping chunk of expenditure on only one appliance in your home, so it’s imperative you have one of optimum quality.

2. New gas boilers are rated A for energy and are 90% energy efficient. Compare this to a G-rated predecessor which is anywhere between 50-75% efficient and you could save yourself up to €300 a year on energy bills. Paying out for a new gas boiler can sting initially, but you’ll be saving yourself a huge amount of money in the long-run. A new gas boiler will help keep your energy bills down as well as having less impact on the environment.

3. When you upgrade to a new boiler, you can also upgrade the room thermostat. A more efficient room thermostat will measure the temperature correctly and help keep the room stable at your chosen temperature. This means that your boiler won’t use up energy
heating up rooms that don’t need heating.

4. A step up from this would be to install TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves). This gives you optimal control over the whole system and means you can set the heat differently for each room e.g. most people prefer a warmer living room in comparison to their bedroom.
Once the room reaches its desired temperature for the room, it stops heating. This means you won’t waste energy heating an entire house up only to open the windows at bedtime because you’re too hot.

5. Old boilers are prone to potentially dangerous breakdowns. Having a new boiler installed by a professional RGI engineer helps safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning and other potential issues.

6. Most new boilers are a lot smaller than their predecessors.

7. They’re quieter too!

There are so many good reasons to have your old boiler replaced if it’s struggling to perform and costing you money: It’s safer, more energy efficient and will pay for itself in no time at all. If you want to discuss booking a gas boiler replacement, then give us a call today.