Gas Boiler Repair – Why to Choose the Professionals

Having to organise a gas boiler repair is inevitable at some stage for many. Gas boiler repairs are the bane of many homeowners and tenant’s lives, mostly due to the expense and inconvenience that can arise.

However, it is exceedingly important to select a professional company, with professional engineers, to carry out your gas boiler repair.


This is undoubtedly the most important point of all.  A gas boiler in the wrong hands can be uneconomical at best, and potentially lethal at worst.  However tempted the resident DIY fan in your home might be to pop the cover off and have a tinker with the boiler, this is a very bad idea.  By law, gas boiler engineers need to be registered with RGII – the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland. Gas boiler engineers that are registered with RGII are qualified and experienced to a certain minimum, ensuring that they are competent to carry out your gas boiler repair.

However, just being RGII registered doesn’t automatically mean the gas boiler repair company you choose will be the best.  Gas Services LTD are focused on gas boiler repair, servicing and installation – this is not just a sideline to make extra money.  They are experts in what they do and have been doing it for almost 20 years.

Saving Money

There are many companies in Ireland who offer gas boiler repair services, some cheap and some more expensive.  Although the law dictates that all gas engineers in Ireland must work to a minimum standard, there are no regulations that state how much they can charge for their services.  Gas Services LTD charge a reasonable rate of €85 per callout, which includes 45 minutes of the engineer’s time, and each additional 20 minutes is charged at €20.  There’s no getting away from the fact that gas boiler repairs will end up costing quite a decent amount of money, but it pays to know that your boiler is in good hands. Engineers from Gas Services LTD will never spend more time than is necessary, ensuring you never spend more than you have to.


Many gas boiler repair companies are very easy going about appointment times – meaning they’ll turn up to your house as and when they can! This means you’ll have to take a day off work and stay at home perhaps all day while you wait for a gas boiler engineer to turn up.  Gas Services LTD engineers are different in this respect.  Not only will they give you a specific appointment slot, but will give you €10 for each 30 minutes after the appointment time you were given.

Furthermore, Gas Services LTD hold a huge amount of parts in stock – €100,000 worth, to be exact! So, the chances are, your gas boiler repair will be carried out on the same day as your callout – so no extra time arranged off of work, and no extra hassle.