Gas Boiler Grants

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Times have been changing for a while now, and the Government recognise that investing in sustainable energy, and in energy saving measures, is beneficial both on large and small scales.

Gas boiler grants are provided through SEAI, and can be instrumental in helping homeowners and families to stay warmer in winter and save money on their heating bills. In this article we will be

outlining some of the gas boiler grants that could be available to you, and how they could help you.

Gas Boiler Grants – Better Energy Homes scheme

This scheme offers cash grants to help towards energy efficiency works for homeowners. All homes built before 2006 are eligible and there is no means testing. The works contributed to are all designed to make homes more comfortable, and cheaper to run. The amounts available on this scheme have recently been increased and include bonus payments, and are also now available to previous applicants for additional works.

You are able to apply for grants under the Better Energy Homes scheme for the following:

• Attic insulation

• Wall insulation (cavity wall, internal dry lining or external insulation)

• Installation of a high efficiency boiler and upgraded heating controls

• Heating controls upgrade

• Solar heating installation

• Building Energy Rating (this must be acquired before work is carried out)

Although the grants under the Better Energy Homes scheme do not cover the whole cost of the works, they take a very sizeable chunk out of the cost – and the money saved in the long run will

soon make the work a worthwhile expenditure.

Gas Boiler Grants – Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme

This scheme is designed for vulnerable households, in order to make homes warmer and more energy efficient. In order to claim a grant for energy efficiency works, applicants must meet the

following criteria:

• Living in an owner ­occupied, non­ Local Authority home that was built before 2006

• In receipt of one of the following – Fuel Allowance, Family Income Supplement, or Jobseekers Allowance for a minimum of 6 month period and with children under 7.

Landlords can also make use of this scheme, if they have tenants who are in, or at risk of, energy poverty.

Under the Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme, applicants can apply for a grant to cover the full cost of the following:

• Attic insulation

• Draught proofing

• Lagging jackets

• Low energy lightbulbs

• Cavity wall insulation

• Energy advice

Some of these energy­ saving methods may seem like small things, but it is surprising how much difference they can make to your comfort – and to your heating bills.