Gas Boiler Care FAQ

Hand on gas boiler

Your gas boiler is probably one of the most unobtrusive, unnoticed appliances in your home, quietly plugging away in the background and minding its own business. Gas boiler care is the last thing on any homeowners mind – until the thing packs up, that is.

Boilers break down, that is a fact of life. And they almost always break down when you least need them to. However, with a little foresight you can help lower the likelihood of this happening – and this is where our gas boiler FAQ comes in.

Gas boiler care: Deal with problems as they arise

If you notice something unusual with your boiler, don’t leave it too long to get it looked at. You could save yourself the inconvenience of emergency call outs and a possible wait to get your heating and hot water back if an engineer is able to pick up the problem before it causes a breakdown. You might notice odd sounds, regular drops in water pressure, or the pilot light repeatedly going out – all of these can be signs that something in your boiler is about to kick the bucket.

Gas boiler care: Keep it going

If you’re going away on holiday, the temptation to switch the boiler off and save on your heating bills is a strong one. However, by doing this, you could end up with a hefty breakdown bill instead. The most common time for boilers to break down is in autumn, when everyone’s central heating is being switched on again after being off all summer – the lack of use can cause components to freeze up and malfunction. To prevent this while you are away, set the timer so your heating comes on a couple of times a day, just to keep things ticking over.

Gas boiler care: Regular servicing

This is by far the most important part of gas boiler care. Regular servicing not only helps find and prevent problems with your boiler, it also makes sure your boiler is running economically and safely. Just like a car, a gas boiler needs a regular check and clean to keep it doing what it does best. And, with regular servicing, your boiler’s lifespan will be increased – saving you money in the long run.

We are Gas Services, and we are the experts in gas boiler care. We specialise only in the servicing, repair and replacement of boilers, meaning we really know our stuff. Gas boiler care isn’t a sideline – it’s all we do, and we’ve been doing it for 30 years. Whether you have had a breakdown, or you’re looking to book somebody to carry out your annual service, give us a call and we will do all we can to get (and keep) you up and running! With a fleet of vans covering the north and south of the city, we won’t keep you waiting. Call us today!