Gas boiler air locked

No heating sign


There are a few reasons why your heating may stop working, but a gas boiler air locked is a problem that you may be able to resolve at home.

Gas boiler air locked – what’s happened?

If air becomes trapped in a central heating system, it can result in no heating. Air can become trapped if the system has been refilled using the wrong sequence, or if air has somehow become drawn in.

Gas boiler air locked – how can I resolve it?

The first step to resolving an air lock is to bleed the system.

• Switch off your gas boiler, and isolate the electrics. First you will bleed the radiators.

• When turning off the lockshield valves, make sure you make a note of how many turns it requires to close it. This is so you can ensure the system is balanced when you re­open the valves.

• Start downstairs. Gather some towels, locate the bleed valve on each radiator and open them one by one to allow any air to escape. Water may escape too, so put your towels down!

• As you work around the radiators, leave all of the valves closed until you have completed the final radiator.

• Re­open the lockshield valves on each radiator, starting with the first one you bled.

• Bleed the circulating pump. Loosen the bleed screw – don’t completely undo it – and allow any air to escape before re­tightening it.

• The system will refill automatically if you have an open system. If you have a sealed system, you will need to top up the pressure yourself with the tap usually located beneath the boiler.

Following these steps should eliminate air from your central heating system, and if the gas boiler air locked is what is causing your heating failure, this is likely to resolve it. You may need to repeat the process a couple of days later to get rid of any air that has been pushed around the system since the last bleed.

However, if you aren’t comfortable following these steps – or if you’ve followed them with no joy – you may need to get a professional in. It can be tricky to resolve a gas boiler air locked; air in the system can be stubborn and difficult to remove.

At Gas Services, we can resolve your heating issues whatever the problem might be. All of our tradesmen are RGII registered and qualified, so when we work on your gas boiler you have the peace of mind of knowing it’s in good hands. If your gas boiler air locked, we can drain and refill your entire heating system, allowing it to start working properly again.

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