Gas Appliance Repair

You will already know that your gas boiler should always be serviced and repaired by a qualified, registered technician.  A gas boiler in the wrong hands can be expensive at best and lethal at worst.  Gas central heating is seen as a very clean and safe method of heating the home, and it certainly is – when it’s taken care of properly.

So, gas boiler repair is best left to the professionals – but did you know that your gas appliances should be serviced and repaired by a professional, too?

Don’t even try!

The temptation to try to take care of your own gas appliance repair can be great, especially since the cost can be daunting.  However, if an appliance is attached to a mains gas supply, there is absolutely no way that it should be tinkered with by anybody other than a registered gas appliance technician.

We know that this is an expensive time of year.  With Christmas to pay for, increased electricity and gas bills and (for some people) a reduction in working hours, imagining how you will find the cash for a gas appliance repair is nigh on impossible.  Many homeowners find it easier to put some money away in the more fruitful summer months, or to take out an insurance plan for their boiler and gas appliances that covers annual servicing and repairs.

Have your gas appliances serviced

If you own your own home, you should already be organising an annual boiler service and safety check, so why not ask your chosen company to take care of your gas appliances at the same time?  Having them serviced as regularly as your boiler not only keeps them safe and efficient, but it will help reduce the risk of having to fork out for a surprise gas appliance repair when you least expect it.

Gas Serviced LTD can service and repair your gas appliances as well as your boiler.  For a very reasonable price you can be sure that your gas appliance repair or service will be undertaken to the highest standard, whilst ensuring that you don’t have to pay any more than is completely necessary.

What you can expect from a gas appliance repair with Gas Services LTD

When Gas Services LTD carry out your gas appliance repair, you can expect us to:

  • Be on time.  We don’t like to mess around with our customers’ schedules, and we will endeavour to be on time for any appointments made. Unlike some companies, we can offer smaller time slots so you don’t end up having to wait around all day long for us.
  • Be clean and tidy.  We will carry out the job quickly and efficiently, and tidy up after ourselves.
  • Be able to carry out the repair on the day.  Of course, sometimes this isn’t possible, but our technicians carry a very large range of boiler and gas appliance parts in their vans, and we hold a vast amount of stock.  We aim to carry out all repairs on the day as often as we possibly can.