Corgi Gas Installer

From 1991 to 2009 gas engineers and businesses were legally obliged to register with CORGI
The Confederation for the Registration of Gas Installers (CORGI) was formed in 1970. Following a lethal gas explosion in a London tower block in 1968 that was attributed to unsafe gas work in one apartment a new determination arose to prevent future disasters. CORGI was charged with the task of ensuring that all future gas work in the UK is carried out safely.  In 1991, CORGI became the Council for Registered Gas Installers to provide a register for all gas workers who had to work according to a mandatory gas safety scheme. According to the CORGI website there is 93% awareness of the CORGI brand. CORGI’s core values are trust, expertise and quality.
From April 2009, the mandatory gas scheme changed its brand from CORGI to the ‘Gas Safe Register’ brand.  CORGI remains as the mandatory gas scheme brand in Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. CORGI Gas Installers are required to pay registration fees and hold an accredited certificate of competence that proves they have the required level of experience and ability with various types of gas installation, servicing, maintenance and repair.