Choosing the Right Gas Installers

According to Irish law, gas installers (and the companies they work for) must be registered with the RGII ((Register of Gas Installers of Ireland) in order to carry out gas installations, services and repairs in Ireland. This law is in place to ensure safety of the appliances that are being installed or worked upon.

A gas installation in the wrong hands can be lethal. Dramatic explosions aren’t a common occurrence with a shoddily-installed gas boiler, for example, but carbon monoxide leaks are, and can be fatal for the residents of the home. As such, it is important to make sure that any gas installers you hire for the job are qualified and competent. In order to do this, you will need to find gas installers who are registered with RGII.

Landlords are obligated by law to ensure that the properties they let are safe to inhabit. To this end, they are required by law to use registered gas installers to work on gas appliances at their rented homes, and they must also ensure that any gas appliances are annually serviced and checked for safety.

So how do you go about finding gas installers who are legally allowed to work on your appliances, and who will provide the kind of high quality service you expect for your money?

The RGII website contains a comprehensive, easily searchable database of registered gas installers in Ireland, making it easy to find gas installers who are competent enough to work on your appliances legally and safely. However, the RGII do not have anything to do with the methods and practices of individual gas installers or the companies they work for, with regards to anything other than gas safety, so it is wise to research the installers you plan to use.

Often, the most reliable way to find gas installers who are not just legally qualified but provide good customer service and good value for money, is to ask for personal recommendations. The internet is full of reviews, which can be very helpful, but should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Some unscrupulous companies will fake good internet reviews, or even pay others to do so.

Gas Services LTD are a long running, well respected company with a team of competent, “house trained” gas installers who work to a high standard of gas safety and customer service. Gas Services LTD boasts a fleet of 16 vans covering both the north and the south of the city, operating from two offices, with the largest stock of parts in Ireland. There are many gas installers to choose from in Ireland, but it’s always worth choosing a company like Gas Services LTD. Boiler installation, service and repair is their speciality, rather than a sideline (as it is for so many companies).

It’s also worth remembering that “value for money” doesn’t necessarily equal “the cheapest”. Gas appliance installation, service and repair fees are by nature quite high, so if a company is offering these services for a great deal lower than the average price, it’s worth casting a critical eye over their practices.