Bord Gais

Bord Gais runs and maintains the natural gas networks of Ireland and also provides transport solutions to suppliers. Bord Gais also oversees all new gas connections and handles all pipe and meter work at customers’ homes and other premises. Bordgais also provide an emergency 24 hour call out service. Bord Gais was founded in 1976 and as one of the market leaders in the Irish energy industry now serves over a million customers with a 65%/35% split between gas customers and electricity customers.

The Irish Government holds a majority ownership share of Bord Gais. Bord Gais has its headquarters in Cork City and with over 1,000 staff nationwide they have an annual turnover of over 1.3 million euros.  As well as its main countrywide network around Ireland, Bord Gais’ network is also connected to Scotland and the Isle of Man.
In 2009 Bord Gais successfully established themselves as a residential electricity supplier and by acquiring power generation assets they have managed to become the top dual-fuel supply company in Ireland. Bord Gais are committed to providing ‘more efficient and less carbon assets into the power generation mix in Ireland.’