Boiler Repair Costs vs Boiler Cover: Is Cover Worth It?


In today’s financial climate, you may feel as though the extra cost of boiler cover is a superfluous

expense; a luxury. However, boiler repair can be very expensive and often happens at the worst

possible time – just as winter starts to creep in (and just before Christmas!).

What is boiler cover?

Many boiler repair companies provide their own boiler cover, and there are also many independent

boiler cover providers. Customers can pay a monthly premium, much like insurance, which then

covers the cost of boiler repair and sometimes call­outs, annual servicing and safety checking,

depending on the policy. Unsurprisingly, the policies that include unlimited call­outs and boiler

repair are the most expensive – but more useful should your boiler break down suddenly.

What about the cost of one­off boiler repair?

You might think it’s cheaper to forego cover and just pay for any necessary boiler repair as and

when it occurs. However, along with the cost of the call­outs themselves, boiler repair costs can

run into the hundreds. If you know you would struggle to find €300 or more at short notice for a

sudden boiler repair, taking out boiler cover may be a wise option for you.

Is Boiler Cover Worth It?

There is the risk, as with all kinds of insurance, that you will spend years paying into the policy

without ever needing it. However, you may decide that the extra money you may possibly pay out

is a worthy trade­off for the peace of mind that boiler cover brings. Nobody wants to be faced

with a costly boiler repair, especially as there is often little or no warning that a boiler is going to

break down.

How do I choose boiler cover?

If you decide that a boiler repair would simply cost more than you could afford, and you decide to

purchase boiler cover, make sure you shop around. Many standard policies don’t cover everything,

and you may need to pay extra for benefits such as unlimited call­outs and emergency repairs.

Compare policies and read the small print before taking out cover.

How can I avoid needing a boiler repair?

The best way to keep your boiler running smoothly and to lower the risk of a breakdown is to

ensure you have your boiler serviced regularly. Annual servicing is recommended and has been

shown to reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend boiler life, as well as keeping the boiler

running at maximum efficiency.

Our team of expert engineers at Gas Services provide boiler repairs and servicing across Dublin, as

well as boiler replacements and landlord gas safety checks. We are committed to offering you the

best possible service for the best possible price, and we are confident that you will be happy with

the service you receive from us. If you’re in need of a boiler repair, call Gas Services and see what

we can do for you.