Boiler Repair – How to Cut the Costs

There’s no getting away from the fact that boiler repair is expensive. More to the point, you will often have to fork out for a boiler repair when you least expect it. Even the lowest callout fees can cause you to feel the pinch when you weren’t planning for it.

Unfortunately, boilers break down and as a homeowner you will have to foot the bill for fixing it. However, there are ways you can cut the costs and, where possible, avoid paying out as much as you would have done without the following helpful tips.

Have your boiler serviced regularly

This one is a no-brainer. Just like cars, gas boilers need to be serviced annually in order to ensure that they are in good working order. During a service, a trained engineer will be able to spot and prevent possible problems before they happen, meaning that expensive boiler repair that was just around the corner will be dealt with before a callout fee was tacked on top.

Gas Services LTD offer boiler services at times convenient to you, and at very competitive prices. Furthermore, there are special offers available, such as group discounts for more than three houses on the same road or estate – talk to your neighbours and see if they are due a boiler service too!

Old boiler? Have it replaced

This may seem counterproductive, but in some cases completely replacing an old boiler is more economical than paying for constant callouts when it breaks down. Boiler repair is a frequent occurrence in some old boilers; therefore you may find yourself spending less in the long run by replacing the old one with a newer, energy efficient model. Not only will this save money in boiler repair costs, but also in energy costs as new boilers are much more efficient.

Gas Services LTD will ensure that your boiler replacement costs you as little as possible. After your old boiler and the boiler location has been assessed by a trained engineer, you will be provided with a no-obligation quote for a new boiler. Gas Services LTD will endeavour to make your replacement cost-effective by recommending a boiler that will fit with your existing pipework as closely as possible.

Choose Gas Services LTD for your boiler repair

No matter how new your boiler is or how often you have it serviced, inevitably you will find yourself paying for a boiler repair. When you use Gas Services LTD to repair your boiler, you can be sure you are getting the best deal – and not getting ripped off. Gas Services LTD engineers carry a superior amount of parts in their vans, meaning that 80% of repairs can be carried out in the first visit.

In addition to this, all parts used by Gas Services LTD engineers are under a 12- month guarantee. And, if any other problems arise within 30 days of your initial boiler repair callout, you will not have to pay for your engineers return visit.