Is Your Boiler Ready for Winter?

It may not feel like we’ve had much of a summer but there’s already a chill in the air and it won’t be long until we’re in the full throes of winter.

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen in your household during the winter months is to have your boiler or gas fire break down; this is a very common occurrence as most households keep their boilers switched off over the summer months and even the autumn, which can lead to a buildup of dirt and sludge in the system. It can also mean that any other problems have remained undiscovered during that time.

Be Quick Off the Mark to get your boiler ready for winter!

The winter season is the busiest time for most plumbers and gas engineers, including here at G.S.L. While we strive to get out to our customers as quickly as possible, if you have a boiler emergency during this time, you may struggle to be seen as quickly as you’d like. Because of this, we always recommend that you don’t delay and ensure your gas appliances are ready for winter by booking a gas boiler or gas fire service as soon as possible.

The benefits of booking your gas boiler or fire service repair now include:

  • A prompt appointment. As this is our ‘quieter’ time, we can usually fit you in within a reasonable time frame.
  • Having your boiler or fire serviced helps it run more efficiently and means you save money on your energy bills.
  • You can welcome in the winter months safe in the knowledge you’ll have hot water and heating (if having a gas boiler service).

Do I Need a Boiler Service?

If you’re unsure whether your boiler needs a service (if you’ve recently had one), then you can always test the system by simply turning your heating on and seeing how it performs. You don’t need to keep it on for hours, just do it until the radiators heat up. If the radiators heat up effectively, are even in their heat distribution and the pilot light stays on, then you’re most likely fine.

If your boiler is struggling to turn on, then it may just need a simple reset. Do this by turning the switch dial (usually found on the front or the side of the boiler) to reset, hold it there for a couple of seconds, then back to on. If you’re unsure how to do this, please refer to your manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re still having problems, then check the pressure bar on the pressure gauge. The bar should be in the green section, between one and two. If the bar is below that in the red section, you need to repressurise your boiler. Again, refer to your manufacturer’s booklet. If your boiler still doesn’t work after these checks, then it may be time to call in the experts.

G.S.L. and other reputable gas engineer companies recommend having your gas boiler and all other gas appliances serviced annually to ensure their safety and effectiveness in heating your home. So get your boiler ready for winter now.