Boiler Installation: The Process

White gas boiler.If your boiler has broken down – again – you may find that it’s time for a new one. Gas boilers can have a life span of around 20 years, but as they age you will find they break down more often and work less efficiently, costing more and more money to maintain and run. Although it can seem
counter ­intuitive, it can actually save you money – and hassle – to beat your old, shaky boiler to the post and have a new one installed before you end up without heating and hot water. New gas boilers are far more efficient and safer than older models, saving you money on gas as well as on frequent repair bills.

Whether you choose to go down this route, or if you wait until your boiler kicks the bucket, boiler installation can be expensive ­ but as we’ve previously said, constant breakdown and repair fees soon add up to cost a whole lot more. If your boiler has broken down, we will identify whether or not it will be more cost­ effective for you to replace it with a new one rather than have it repaired.

We will do this on the same visit, saving you time and money, and provide you with a no-obligation quote for your new boiler installation. We don’t aim to extort as much money as possible from you; unlike the cowboys, we will quote you for the most efficient best­ match replacement that requires as little alteration to your existing pipework as possible. We know that a boiler installation isn’t cheap, and we will always endeavour to keep your costs as low as possible.

Once we have provided you with your no­ obligation quote, and you are happy with what we suggest, we will go ahead and book an appointment for your boiler installation. Unlike many gas installers, we will give you a specific appointment slot and offer a unique guarantee – if we are more than 30 minutes late for your allotted time, we will give you €10.

During your boiler installation, your fully qualified and registered gas installer will treat your home with respect and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible – we know that if you’ve been without heating and hot water for any length of time, you’ll be keen to be back up and running fast! When the job is complete – bear in mind a new boiler installation can take 1­2 days to carry out – we will leave your home clean and tidy and take away any waste, including your old boiler.

Don’t take a chance on a less reputable company when it comes to a new boiler installation. Call Gas Services and feel assured that your boiler installation is in safe, responsible hands. We will always charge a fair price, and get the job done right.