Boiler Gas Leak: What To Do

Discovering a boiler gas leak can be very alarming. You may think that the possibility of your house exploding and leaving a crater in its wake might be slightly over-dramatic, but when it comes to a boiler gas leak you really cannot be too careful.

Most people know that a boiler gas leak can be incredibly dangerous, but not everybody knows what to do should they discover one. This handy checklist will help you feel prepared should a boiler gas leak occur in your home.

Trust Your Nose

If you smell gas, don’t doubt yourself – it’s not worth the risk. Carbon monoxide, a by-product of combustion, may be odourless but boiler gas has a very distinctive smell. If you suspect a gas leak, carry out the following steps to make the area safe.

Open Doors and Windows

Ventilating the area will lower the risk of danger from a boiler gas leak. Open your windows, and external doors, straight away to dissipate the gas leak.

Turn Off the Gas

The boiler gas leak may just be due to a gas hob being left on, but if there’s gas leaking into a room, you won’t want to hang around long enough to find the source. Instead, turn off your gas supply at the mains – this will prevent any further boiler gas leaking into your home. If you don’t know how to turn your gas off, find out now. Don’t leave it until the day that you really need to know!

Don’t Switch Anything On or Off

Most of us know that naked flames during a boiler gas leak are a no-no, but you must also remember that switching electrical appliances on or off – such as your kettle, or even a light switch – can create enough of a spark to cause a massive explosion. Leave everything as it is and get out of the area as soon as you have ventilated the room.

Evacuate the Building

This may seem drastic and inconvenient, but it’s better safe than sorry. Get everybody out of the house, and alert the neighbours if necessary.

Call The Bord Gais Emergency Line

Call the 24 hour emergency line on 1850 20 50 50 to report the boiler gas leak. The operator will need to know details regarding the leak. Don’t make the call from the affected area – go outside or to a neighbours house instead. The Bord Gais Emergency Line is manned 24/7, but if you are unable to get through, call 999 instead.

How to Prevent Boiler Gas Leaks

Boiler gas leaks happen for many reasons. To help prevent them:

  • Have your boiler serviced annually by a trained gas appliance engineer
  • Be sure to call a professional should you suspect a boiler malfunction
  • Never attempt to service or repair your boiler yourself if you aren’t qualified to do so