Benefit From The Boiler Grant in Ireland Under the Better Home Energy Scheme


Under the Better Energy Home Scheme, you can now benefit from a Boiler Grant. So if you are sick of the high running costs of your current boiler, or if you are considering a replacement there has never been a better time to act.

Here Are The Details

The grant is administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and was introduced as a way of providing homeowners with an affordable way to make their home more energy efficient.

The grant covers attic insulation, cavity wall insulation, wall insulation (internal and external), heating controls upgrade, solar heating, a BER assessment and High Efficiency (more than 90% efficiency) gas or oil fired boiler upgrade.

The Boiler Grant

The grant for boilers is only available for High Efficiency models. The boiler grant is a max of €560. If the cost of work is less than that amount (inclusive of VAT) then your grant will just cover the cost and no more.

This particular grant is also available to landlords and owners of more than one property.

The Rules for the Boiler Grant Under the Better Home Energy Scheme

The SEAI outline the rules for the grant are as follows:

  • You must be the owner of the dwelling.
  • The dwelling must have been built before 2006
  • The contractor must be registered on the SEAI list
  • You must have a BER (Building Energy Rating) carried out after the work is done and they must be taken from the SEAI’s national register.
  • You must apply for a minimum amount of €400 with your first application.
  • You can not replace your boiler with anything less than a 90% efficiency boiler.
  • If you replace your boiler you must also replace heating controls.

When You Will Get Your Boiler Grant

The SEAI note that the grant will be paid after the work is completed and the contractor has been paid.  It’s essential that you wait for the grant approval before you buy any materials or begin any of the work.

How You Apply

There are two ways to apply for the grant: By post or online.

An online application is faster, it will be responded to within 3 working days. If you send it in by post, you can expect to wait up to 20 days.

Here is where you apply for the boiler grant online:

Here is the pdf you print this out and send it to:

Better Energy Homes Scheme

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

P.O. Box 119




Some More Useful links from the SEAI: 

Here is a guide to help you with your application

Here is a Home Energy Self Survey to identify the areas of your home that could be more energy efficient.

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