The Annual Check Up You Should Never Miss

It’s not too late to arrange your winter gas boiler check up; Christmas may be taking up a lot of your energy, but after all, January to April can sometimes be the coldest of months so why not ensure your boiler is ready to get through it?

Gas Boiler Service FAQs:

How Often Should I Arrange a Gas Boiler Service?

Although it’s not legally binding unless you’re a landlord, all households should arrange a gas boiler check up once a year. This ensures your gas boiler is safe e.g. it isn’t leaking potentially lethal carbon monoxide and working efficiently. Having an annual gas boiler service not only ensures your health and safety, but can also prove to be more economic in the long-run as it keeps your boiler in tip top condition.

How Much Does a Gas Boiler Service Cost?

A gas boiler check up costs €89.

How Long Does a Gas Boiler Service Take?

A gas boiler check up usually takes an hour; it can take longer if the boiler is in need of repair.

What Will Happen During the Gas Boiler Service?

Your RGII certified gas engineer will check the boiler for any carbon monoxide leakage. He or she will inspect the boiler, take it apart and clean and inspect each piece, checking for leakage/wear and tear. If all the parts are in good working order, he or she will put the boiler back together and test its efficiency.

What Will Happen if My Boiler Needs Fixing?

If it’s just a part that needs replacing, it’s most likely that your engineer will be able to replace it then and there. G.S.L. have a first time fix-rate of 80% thanks to the large amount of parts our engineers keep with them. If the engineer does have to source a part from our warehouse, he or she will give you a clear timeframe so you’re not left waiting around. If your boiler needs replacing, then you’ll be pleased to hear we also hold a large stock of boilers at our warehouse and should be able to replace your boiler straight away so you’re not left without a boiler. If your boiler is very old and needs replacement parts, your engineer may advise a replacement boiler as this is less expensive and more economical in the long-run.

My Boiler Has Been Condemned – Is it Really Unsafe?

Yes! We take the health and safety of our customers and engineers very seriously. If your RGII qualified engineers says that a boiler is unsafe, he or she will remove it and make the area safe until a replacement is found.

We have offices in the North and South of Dublin and endeavour to get to our customers as quickly as possible for gas boiler check ups, however, as winter is our busiest time of year, there may be a short wait. If you have a gas boiler emergency, please call our office(s) North: 01 840 9425, South: 01 490 1066.