Old, Poor Energy Consumption: Is it Time for a Gas Boiler Upgrade?

Posted on 31st January, 2018 | Posted by admin

It can be very tempting to let a boiler run itself into disrepair in a bid to save money on a new boiler, but did you know if you swap your clunky, old boiler for a swanky A rated energy efficient boiler, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds on energy bills each year? Not only this, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment and helping to reduce carbon emissions! Having to go for a gas boiler upgrade can be annoying in terms of finances but it will prove to be much less costly than running an old boiler in the long-run.

Read on to see how to spot the signs that you may need to replace your gas boiler:

1. It takes a long time for your boiler to heat up

One of the first and most obvious signs: If the heating has been on for fifteen minutes or more and you can still feel a chill it could mean that your boiler isn’t up for the job.

2. Your house or radiators don’t feel hot enough

Again, if your boiler has been on for fifteen minutes or more but you haven’t noticed a difference, it could be a sign that your boiler’s unable to cope. Most modern boilers heat radiators and water instantly.

3. Your boiler makes some strange noises

Most older boilers are always prone to a bit of groaning but if your boiler is making extremely loud clunking noises, it could be a sign it’s struggling to function.

4. Your have to keep resetting your boiler

If you keep having to reset the boiler and topping up the pressure in order for it to work, your boiler probably needs repairing at the very least or replacing.

5. Your boiler is fifteen years old or more

Most boilers live an average of fifteen years, but this is usually with good maintenance in the form of annual services. If your boiler is over fifteen years old, chances are it’s costing a lot more to maintain and function in the long-run than paying out for a new boiler would.

6. Your boiler’s energy efficiency rating is below ‘A’

An energy efficiency rating of ‘A’ means that your boiler runs at 90% efficiency and should save you hundreds of pounds on your fuel bill every year.

7. Your fuel bills are consistently increasing

Most energy companies have increased their tariffs over the last few years, but if you’ve noticed a disproportionate increase in your gas bills that just seems to be increasing, it could a sign your boiler is struggling to heat your home efficiently and may need replacing.

8. You have to keep paying out for repairs

In today’s ‘throwaway’ society, It’s good to fix things when you can rather than replace them, but if you find yourself constantly paying out for services and repairs to your boiler, chances are you’ll be better off paying for a new boiler. This will be better on the environment in the long-run as well as your wallet!

9. Your boiler emits a smell

Strange smells coming from your boiler could be a sign of Carbon Monoxide emissions and should be checked immediately by a trained RGII engineer. If you do suspect your boiler is emitting Carbon Monoxide, turn your boiler off and open the windows before calling an engineer. Better still, turn the boiler off and leave your premises before calling an engineer.

10. The pilot light flame is yellow rather than blue

This could be another sign of Carbon Monoxide coming from your boiler and should be checked by a qualified gas engineer.