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There are three main types of gas boiler available; the combi boiler, the regular boiler and the system boiler. These days the combi boiler is proving more and more popular. The design of the combi boiler means that heating and hot water come from the one source and removes the need for a separate hot water tank thus saving a lot of space within the home. Installation is also easier and cheaper as far less pipe work is needed so far less installation time is required.

Combi boilers hold another advantage in that they reduce water bills by being more efficient and the water that flows from the taps or shower is delivered at mains pressure thus removing the need for an added shower pump.

Regular (or conventional) boilers power the central heating system directly and heat the separate hot water cylinder which then pumps hot water as required. There is a lot more equipment required for a regular boiler and they can occupy a great deal of loft space with the required storage tanks.

System boilers are similar to regular boilers in the way they store hot water in a cylinder. System boilers are usually more efficient than regular boilers due to the fact that most of the individual parts of the system are installed within the boiler thus reducing installation costs and pipe work. It also takes less time for a system boiler to heat up as the hot water is pumped through the system to the radiators and water cylinder without the need of a cistern.

Who are Gas Services Ltd?

  • Gas Services have been in operation since 1985.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Specialists in gas boiler service and repair.

Do your neighbours need their boilers serviced as well?

  • If so contact us and we can give you a special group rate for servicing 3 or more homes in the same estate on the same day.