gas boiler service dublin

It is widely recommended that you have your gas boiler serviced once a year. This service can make sure that all elements of the boiler are running smoothly and also identify any problems before they become potentially serious, harmful faults that can also prove expensive. Regular servicing means that small repairs can be made which are much more affordable than having to replace a whole system.  Carbon monoxide detectors are being widely recommended when boilers are serviced. Fitting one of these can be a life saver as carbon monoxide inhalation can be fatal and it is also tasteless and without scent. A detector fitted close to the boiler will provide you with peace of mind that if any harmful carbon monoxide is leaking it will be detected before any damage is done.

If you arrange for your gas boiler to be serviced during the summer then you will have added peace of mind knowing that your boiler is in good condition going into the colder time of year. Boiler engineers are less busy during the months of February and October so scheduling an appointment during these months can be more convenient as they will have more times available. A gas boiler service should always be performed by an RGI (Registered Gas Installer)/ Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered engineer.

Who are Gas Services Ltd?

  • Gas Services have been in operation since 1985.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Team of 16 RGII certified engineers with 2 bases one north and one south Dublin.
  • Specialists in gas boiler service and repair.

Do your neighbours need their boilers serviced as well?

  • If so contact us and we can give you a special group rate for servicing 3 or more homes in the same estate on the same day.