Gas Boiler Problems Dublin

As with all machines made up of various components ther is always a chance that things can go wrong. Gas boiler problems can occur at anytime, especially in older boilers, and they can be caused by numerous things.

The most common gas boiler problems are a faulty gas supply and the pilot light failing to ignite. If the gas stopcock is on then there is a problem with your gas supply and  you will need to contact your gas supplier. If the pilot light is not igniting then you can often follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reignite the light. If all points are followed and the pilot light still is not firing then you will need to contact your supplier or a registered professional to fix the problem.

Thermostats can lose accurracy over time which can lead to incorrect temperature assessment and the boiler coming on at the wrong time. Some boilers are fitted with clock dials and if this sticks then the timing mechanism of the boiler will be flawed. Alternatively if your gas boiler is fitted with an electronic programmer there is a chance that the circuitboard might have a fault which could cause the boiler not to ignite. Gas boiler problems could also be caused by a lack of pressure in the system or faulty thermostatic valves on the radiators.