gas boiler prices dublin

Gas Boiler Prices obviously vary depending on where you source your boiler from and whether you choose a well brand. Also if you know a reputable plumber they can provide valuable assistance both in choosing the right boiler for your needs and installation. Around 60% of your annual energy bills will be made up of boiler usage.  So it can make a significant beneficial difference to your bills by purchasing an efficient boiler with the right heating and hot water controls.
The average price of a new, replacement gas boiler is around 2,800-3,000 Euros. There will always be variations in gas boiler prices so always get at least three quotes. Boilers are measured by their efficiency when changing fuel to heat as a percentage. Therefore the higher the percentage the more efficient the boiler. Prices may be higher if a boiler has a higher rating but paying a bit more for the initial boiler may prove to be a prudent investment down the line if your fuel bills are significantly reduced by an efficient boiler.