What To Do If Your Gas Boiler Doesn’t Light

Posted on 15th February, 2018 | Posted by admin

As the winter continues to hold us in its chilly grip, one thing you don’t want is a gas boiler that won’t light. This can be worrying for many people but try not to worry too much: More often than not, a gas boiler that fails to light can be easily fixed. Read on to find out how…

When Your Mains Let You Down…

Sounds obvious but a lot of time, people forget to check their mains gas supply. You can do this by checking any other gas appliances in your property, such as a gas fire or gas cooker. If these are also failing to ignite, the problem is with your mains gas supply and not necessarily your appliances. Before contacting your gas supplier, you should first check that the ‘gas shut off valve’ hasn’t been accidentally closed. This is normally located just underneath or next to your gas metre. If it’s open but there’s still no gas getting to your appliances, it’s time to make that phone call.

Can I Get a Re-Re-Set

If there is gas going to your other gas appliances but not your gas boiler, then it could simply be a case of resetting your boiler. Most modern boilers normally have the reset switch on the front panel. Simply push the dial to reset, leave it for three seconds before putting it back to its usual setting. Some boilers vary, however, so please refer to the manufacturer’s guide before resetting your boiler.

Try Not to Feel Under Pressure

If your gas boiler still won’t light, it could be that there isn’t enough boiler water pressure. Check your the water pressure gauge on the front of your boiler: the water pressure should be between one and two bars. If it’s below one, you’ll need to pressurise.

You can do this by:

  1. Locate the filling loop, which is normally underneath your boiler. It consists of a metallic coloured hose with a valve at each end.
  2. Ensure that the boiler is cool and has been switched off.
  3. Open both the valves and let water enter the system.
  4. Watch the pressure valve: when the pressure bar is at 1.5 bars:
  5. Close the valves off one by one
  6. Switch the boiler back on. You may have to reset the boiler at this point.

I Have Done Everything You’ve Asked of Me and Yet It Still Doesn’t Light!

Don’t worry, there’s still one more thing you can try.

A pilot light that doesn’t ignite can be a sign of a dirt and debris build up in the mechanism of the pilot light itself. You can try to remedy this by cleaning out the pilot light pipe by poking a small, thin item such as a pencil into the hole to shift the clogged dirt.

If you’re unsure how to do this however, then please refer to a professional RGII qualified gas plumber for further help.

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